‘Invitation Startup 24 Arnhem’ Friday 10 and Saturday 11 November 2017

At Friday the 10th of November will Startup 24 take place. It is a day where you can find the entrepreneur in you! Take the 24-hour roller coaster ride. Meet new people. Learn to pitch. Get creative. Get inspired!

Friday the 10th of November at exactly 15:30 is the kick off Startup 24 event. Within 24 hours you will be part of your own startup, meet new and exciting talents and will have lots of fun. The event will be held at ArtEZ Arnhem (check details beside).

Startup 24 is looking for special people!
Are you a first or second year student at the HAN, ArtEZ or Van Hall Larenstein? Then are you invited to rock your socks off at Startup 24 Arnhem. And because you are special, they most certainly will take good care of you and deliver drinks, food, fun and energizing inspiration.

Instant network and knowledge
Getting things done is easier if you know the right people, have access to knowledge and get your backup from real entrepreneurs. During Startup 24 Arnhem you will get to know successful entrepreneurs, meet real innovation specialists and maybe even meet the next investor in your startup. Kick your success into high gear!

Besides the fun and awesome experience, you do have a chance at winning awesome prizes. For example, the winning team will set off to Startup city Berlin.

Date: Friday the 10th of November (15.30 – 0:30 ) until Saturday 11th of November (8:00 – 18:00)
Location: Arnhem, ArtEZ, Hogeschool voor de Kunsten
Information: Two days of fun, energy, and inspiration in which you will create a Business Model Canvas, validate your assumptions and pitch your ideas
Entrance: 15 Euros (Everything included: food, drinks, activities)
Sign in: here
More information: startup24.nl


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