‘De Raad van Toezicht op North Sea Jazz’ Zaterdag 9 Juli 2016

If you are curious about the sound of the latest generation of jazz musicians, you shouldn’t miss the performance of De Raad van Toezicht, an eleven-member band with roots in the conservatory in Arnhem, the Netherlands. This group of young talented artists is inspired by legends like Weather Report, Pat Metheny and Snarky Puppy. In both a rhythmical and a harmonic sense their music is firmly anchored in jazz, although they also enjoy a little funk, rock, hip hop and Latin from time to time. De Raad van Toezicht is not a loose collection of players, but a true and close-knit band; and you can hear it. They write and arrange their own pieces, making good use of their cultural diversity and leaving ample room for all band members to improvise. Their grooves can be subtle at one point and hard bopping at other times, but they’re always very danceable.


Website: North Sea Jazz

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