Fair Practice Code

What is the Fair Practice Code?

The Fair Practice Code is a code of conduct for entrepreneurship and work in art, culture and creative industries, based on five core values: solidarity, diversity, trust, sustainability and transparency. The code encourages critical reflection and serves as a guide on how the sector collectively creates a future-proof labour market and professional practice. The Fair Practice Code serves as an umbrella under which regulations and guidelines can be developed for the various sectors which truly contribute to improving the earnings capacity and development perspectives for professionals in the cultural and creative sector. The Code also encourages the development of these perspectives, where needed.  continue reading: https://fairpracticecode.nl/en/over-de-fair-practice-code#page-3

Who is the Fair Practice Code for?

The Code exists for all workers within the creative and cultural sector, as well as everyone that supports the sector and anyone who is a consumer of art and culture. The Code applies to both subsidised and non-subsidised individuals and organisations.
continue reading: https://fairpracticecode.nl/en/over-de-fair-practice-code#page-4

How to apply the Fair Practice Code?

The Fair Practice Code should act as a practical tool for all culture professionals to enter into dialogue. It is an invitation to reflect critically on what is considered normal, to identify areas for improvement, and to take concrete action accordingly.

Applying the code starts with reading the code. Ask yourself how the five values connect to your practice. Do you see any room for improvement? The code formulates a number of themes that you can test your own practice against and that you can raise for discussion with the people and organisations you work with. You can use the code when formulating agreements, to identify and describe problems, and to work on solutions with for instance sector organisations, funds and (local) authorities.continue reading: https://fairpracticecode.nl/en/over-de-fair-practice-code#page-5

Why have a Fair Practice Code?

Many of those working in the artistic, cultural and creative sectors face an unfavourable labour market position. This is confirmed by two important reports by the SER (Social and Economic Council) and the Council of Culture. The Fair Practice Code attempts to contribute to improving this position.continue reading: https://fairpracticecode.nl/en/over-de-fair-practice-code#page-2

source: https://fairpracticecode.nl/en#block-fpc-menu

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